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Technical Documentation
Technical Documentation

BILTEN prepares technical documents for technological products, especially in the defense and aerospace industry, in printed and electronic media. Documents are delivered in desired formats and standards (SCORM, HTML, XML, DITA, S1000D). Our technical documentation service; It covers all steps of the process from planning, production and control to printing / publishing document outputs in accordance with the required standards.


BILTEN has developed technical documentation and expertise in its sub-fields. By adapting our technical documentation process to the needs of our customers when necessary, we stand by them in all areas of technical documentation.

With our technical documentation staff consisting of Subject Experts, Technical Writers, Visual Designers, Technical Publishers and Technical Editors, we also provide qualified personnel support services to our customers.

In addition, we meet the sectoral needs with our Basic Education Program, and technical documentation we create awareness in the area. Also, it is aimed that the participants will acquire / update and develop the basic knowledge and skills related to technical documentation.



We offer our customers interactive learning experiences tailored to their budgets and needs. 

Our team, specialized in distance education and e-learning, works in close cooperation with our customers in the educational content production process in order to effectively evaluate their training needs and clearly define training goals.

Modeling and Animation
Modeling and Animation

As we believe that 3D modeling is an indispensable part of technical documentation, we offer a variety of 3D modeling services. We have the knowledge and expertise required to create high quality 3D models from reference images, engineering drawings or physical products. In line with customer needs, we model both solid and organic models in the desired detail (low polygon, high polygon) in 3D.

In addition to modeling, we design and develop innovative and inspiring animations that will take product presentations to the next level. Using the latest hardware and software in this field; We offer new solutions by combining 3D models, graphics, text and sound with animation and visualization solutions.

Integrated Logistic Support

We provide ILS consultancy services in the following areas with our expert management team in the field of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS):

  • Management of ILS Program,
  • Technical Documentation,
  • Analysis of Logistic Support,
  • Reliability, Manageability, Analysis of Readiness to Use,
  • Analysis of Backup Needs,
  • Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis,
  • Maintenance Based on Reliability,
  • Repair Level Analysis,
  • Demodel Management,


In addition to consultancy service, we also offer ILS Training named "Fundamentals of Integrated Logistics Support" to our customers,

Integrated Logistic Support
Eye-Tracking & UX Research
Eye-Tracking & UX Research

BİLTEN, who is the sole reseller of Tobii Pro Eye Tracker in Turkey and provide a variety of services, such as research consultancy and analysis, in the projects related to eye-tracking.

Eye tracking devices give important metrics, such as where users fixate, and how long they fixate.

Today, eye tracking technology is used mostly in the following fields:

  • Scientific Research
  • Technology for disabled individuals
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